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  • For many, many years, it has been my opinion that all salaries should be capped at the level of that of the President of the United States. The President gets an equally good pension. (I'd have that only half vested after four years with the full pension only if she gets re-elected.) A similar salary and pension skeem for pro athletes seems fair. (Of course professional golfers would have to pay us to watch them.) The corporate executives who create disasters and walk away with bonuses are the far more serious problem. It is bad corporate governance that leads to business decisions focused on short term profits that are a very serious problem. After collecting $400,000 per year no bonuses should be offered, only stock options. The options would only vest at the rate of 10% per year, and would not be transferrable in any legal way, before vesting. Hopefully, then executives would try to think at least ten years out, rather than just three months.
  • Did social media create the narcissism, or just capitalize on it? That is the question.
  • Gulmer, I am basically a pacifist, and I have read several of Chomsky's books, and I agree that we pay way too much attention to this area due to its oil. That said, I think that this is the exception. ISIS, ISIL, or whatever name they have now taken is out of control. The beheading of children, and then exhibiting their heads on sticks is almost too gruesome to even type here. After WWII, we came to a consensus that genocide is a reason to intervene, and there is no doubt that this qualifies as genocide. Yes, we've failed before, and Clinton says that it is his biggest regret of his presidency. If there were any other way to stop the genocide I would vote for that, and if they stop their genocide and just install a vicious dictatorial regime, I would be OK with that (not by much but I would vote no in such a poll. There is enough diversity in the US media. I get my news from at least one of the 3 networks, plus MSNBC, and CNN and Aljazeera America, and I occasionally watch FOX. (I'm retired and watch way too much news. lol) If ALL of them agree that this is genocide and Chomsky says that its not, then I would believe the media.
  • It's nice to see that most people are avoiding getting a sunburn. Just one blistering sunburn doubles your lifetime risk of getting malignant melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer. Cases of melanoma have exploded over the last 20 years. If our poll reflects society in general, then the number of cases should start to fall over the years.