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  • Driving the Garden State Parkway and NJ Turnpike to Newark Airport is more dangerous.
  • Personally I don't mind at all but with generations of Believers who are dead set against what they believe as a marriage to be legal for everyone will take at least two generations at best. These same people do not realize this is a civil law and right and not one ordained by their god. Amazing isn't it? How long did it take for inter-racial marriage to be declared legal across the board? I support the president and voted twice for Obama so not all who say never are anti but realists since they know something about Jim Crow days and how long that took to make illegal which BTW, it is still practiced as we have seen openly firsthand for the past six years.
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    George Christo
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    As the rare guy who shows up here on the comment board regularly and considers himself pretty conservative, how Republicans (and let's face it, it's really only the far right wing of the Republican party) even think anything President Obama has done is worthy of impeachment is beyond me. Benghazi could get close, but there's still no smoking gun on that one. The IRS could get close, but I'm not convinced that gets to the White House. (That destroyed hard drive gets it a lot closer in appearance, but still not quite there.) The Administration's policies ain't my cup of tea, but good grief. I actually understood and agreed with the Clinton impeachment (even though I had less to argue over with Clinton's enacted policy and to lament about his general relationship with Congress), because I still believe to this day that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with perjury (yes, about sex, but the topic is irrelevant). Very particular. Obama's policies generally stink, IMO, but there's nothing particular anyone could hang their hat on to impeach him, so why waste our time trumping up b.s. when there's so much to argue about getting-it-right-er-correct, legitimately? Ish.
  • When I was a small child we learned I was allergic to cats. When a medium sized child we adopted a "stry" dog where the nearest paved road was 30 miles away and I had not even seen a leash in use outside the movies. Some kids found an injured jack rabbit and we tried to help it recover or keep it as a pet - I was never sure. That was the first "pet" I buried. Okay, adopt a pet, but please don't buy one. For every pet bought, I'll bet two are bred, or worse high-jacked from a natural environment. For me, the best animals are wild. I love a coyote looking for rabbits or a fox bouncing along the crest of a meadow more than any dog. A glimpse of a cheetah and her cubs in the wild is an indelible memory beside which most pet cats pale. The idea of vast stores selling pet food turns my stomach.