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  • We are facing a crisis with Global Warming, and 18% of us think Earth Day is a farce. To those of you who are skeptical about Global Warming, I ask one question: What will it take to change your minds? Intelligent people always allow for the fact that they might be wrong. 34 years ago, when Congress was first warned about Global Warming, skeptics said that the earth was really cooling. Now, after 34 years of increasing CO2 levels, global temperatures, rising sea levels, the worst fire season and drought in California's history, and Australia suffering from a record hot summer, most deniers say that there is warming, but either it's not man-made, or it's not a problem. So I ask: What has to happen before you change your minds? How bad do things have to get before you will favor doing something about the problem?
  • Unfortunately, accurate and prominent labeling of retail products will be needed for this. "Cookies" and "brownies" that are the size of six or eight "servings" need to be prominently described as such. Better yet, what appears to be aserving should contain a lot less THC. People who spike pre-rolled joints with undiclosed substances should be sued, fined and incarcerated. The nany state on which we rely, needs to be reliable.
  • Civilization is all about messing with mother nature, otherwise try living under a tree, or avoiding surgery when you get appendicitis. The concern with messing with DNA is that we're at the very early beginning of understanding DNA, while some people think that we're further along than we really are. Science just finished mapping where most genes are and hasn't even deduced the structure of all those genes. There are huge areas of DNA which have been labeled "junk DNA" because no one knows what it does. Sometimes a change in DNA improves one thing while it worsens another. But, assuming another 30-40 years of research (and that I was alive, and planning children - lol) my vote would be for better health, which usually goes with being more athletic.
  • Thanks, drjehr. Agree. For certain, generations that follow will know of our Black President Obama for among other feats, the health care insurance for millions, recognition of and equality for LGBTs, raising the standard of living through wage increase and/or equal pay. Then there's the demise of Osama bin Laden, and important to me and many others, his Nobel Peace Prize, which will be recognized for why it was given - brains not brawn (sounds trite). Here we have a man with full humility and clean of pettiness. Prez Obama brought the world to our doorstep. On the other hand, we have the noodle brained led by rancher Bundy in Nevada, one dumber than the other, playing gunslingers. No surprise the organized hacks pushing for a gunfight in the OK corral is funded by Kochs. But the champion of the Western Ranchers - the boys in the light colored hats riding the range for love of the land, the people, the cattle - there's more of us than them - is heralded here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/04/16/1292565/-An-Idahoan-shows-Bundy-what-a-real-Western-rancher-is?detail=facebook